Mental Health Waiver (WISE)

The W.I.S.E. waiver program is for individuals with serious mental illness. The program incorporates the recovery orientation adopted by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), as well as displays new directions in the community treatment of people with serious psychiatric disabilities. W.I.S.E. waiver program emphasizes: Intensive psychiatric rehabilitation provided in the participant’s home, and in other community settings; wellness and recovery, attention to both psychiatric and medical needs; use of peer supports provided by people trained and certified in rehabilitative care, who know from first-hand experience about recovery from mental illness; and Person-Centered Planning leading to development of an individualized Recovery Plan.

We offer the following services under the program.

  • Recovery Assistant (RA) implements a comprehensive care plan developed by a licensed professional clinical social worker, physician or licensed care professional to implement. Services Include Medication cuing, and monitoring; develop, maintain or enhance independent functioning skills in the areas of sensory-motor, cognition, personal grooming, hygiene, toileting, etc.; Assist in developing and maintaining friendships of choice and skills to use in daily interactions; Provide support to explore job interests, retirement options; Provide opportunities to participate in community activities; Provide support to complete work or business activities; Training and supervision to increase or maintain self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills to participate in own community; Overnight care.
  • Community Support Program (CSP) provide mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation services and supports necessary to assist the individual in achieving and maintaining the highest degree of independent functioning. The service utilizes a team approach to provide intensive, rehabilitative community support, crisis intervention, group and individual psycho-education, and skill building for activities of daily living. ILS includes a comprehensive array of rehabilitation services most of which are provided in non-office settings by a mobile team. Services are focused on skill building with a goal of maximizing independence. Community-based treatment enables the team to become intimately familiar with the participant’s surroundings, strengths and challenges, and to assist the participant in learning skills applicable to his/her living environment. The team services and interventions are highly individualized and tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual.
  • Transitional Case Management services provided during the weeks prior to, and immediately following discharge from a nursing home, to help locate and set up a suitable living arrangement.
  • Brief Episode Stabilization services designed to stabilize an individual in an emerging crisis stabilization.

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