At CTL we specialize in providing our clients with dedicated staff whom are well versed in following and supporting their clients specific request and care instructions. We are an agency that strives towards helping our clients accomplish their goals and provide additional support and compassion along the way. CTL’s experience providing Mental Health Services and Industry leading Private Care has established an ongoing supportive adherence to a person-centered recovery plan where the client's needs are expectations are put forth as the priority of our mission.

Our Services

Our staff of caregivers and nurses know how to help and care for people of any age and situation. We'll work with you to help develop your own care plan.

Additionally, our staff of caregivers and nurses are trained to care for individuals in a home setting. At CTL, we will accommodate the best caregivers for your specific needs to give you the best care possible. We want each individual to be comfortable while being happy, healthy, and at home.

We believe in our client's recovery.

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